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NABWIS Board Members

Meet the NABWIS Board Members

Board Members At Large (Term Expires)
Ray Cebula (03/20)
Vice President Membership, Organizational Development And Strategic Communications Committee Chair

Senior Extension Faculty

Yang-Tan Institute
21 Reno Pl
Santa Fe, NM 87508
phone 1: 617-312-3261

Raymond Adam Cebula, III, J.D., received his law degree from the Franklin Pierce Law Center (now the University of New Hampshire Law School) in 1982. He spent a total of 23 years working with legal services and protection and advocacy programs providing direct representation to disabled individuals having legal issues with the Social Security Administration. He became part of Cornell University’s WISC team in 2000, and began providing technical assistance, training and advice to attorneys and legal advocates in the 16 states and territories associated with the WISC. In January of 2005, Ray was brought on staff at ILR's Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability where he now serves as the Program Director of ytiONLINE (Cornell’s Work Incentive Practitioner credentialing program). While with YTI he has provided training and technical assistance to Youth Transition Demonstration projects across the country, served as Director of Training and Technical Assistance for the New York Medicaid Infrastructure Grant and continues to serve as a team member for the Technical Assistance Team of the National Training Center of Virginia Commonwealth University providing technical assistance and training to SSA benefits planners in SSA Region 1.

Recent written materials include “Mapping the Path to Work”, to be published by AAIDD, Chapter 23, NOSSCR Social Security Practice Guide, 2012, "Interaction Among Unemployment Insurance, Welfare, Social Security Disability and SSI Benefits", Clearinghouse REVIEW, September-October, 2007. Along with teaching his credentialing program for Work Incentive Practitioners, he has also taught sessions on Social Security and Workers Compensation in ILRLR 4023 – Disability Employment Policy and co-teaches ILRLR4033 – Disability Law at ILR’s undergraduate program.


Nicholas Love (3/22)
Region IX - San Francisco

Training and Communication Manager of Employment and Disability Benefits Initiatives
World Institute on Disability

Nicholas Love is a national speaker and advocate for diversity and social justice with nearly two decades of experience in competitive integrated employment. In his career he has created and managed several programs/projects that serve people who have disabilities, including a state-wide WIPA program, an Employment Network, and numerous demonstration projects to improve economic wellbeing for people who have disabilities. He currently serves on several boards and committees related to promoting employment, financial self-sufficiency, and full societal inclusion of people who have disabilities. He is a Certified Work Incentive Coordinator and a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner with a degree in Holistic Healthcare. He is employed as the Employment and Disability Benefits Initiatives Training and Communication Manager at the World Institute on Disability, where one of his main focus is supporting and promoting Disability Benefits 101 (DB101). Nicholas utilizes his passion and wit to develop and train on national programs to further civil and disability equality.


James R. Sheldon (03/20)
Region II – New York

Disability Policy Consultant

128 Westgate Road
Buffalo, New York 14217
phone: 716-380-0682
phone: 716-874-2332

Neighborhood Legal Services, Buffalo, NY, 1980-2018. Represented individuals with disabilities in hearings, litigation; supervised regional benefits counseling project; supervised National Assistive Technology (AT) Advocacy Project; wrote policy briefs, newsletter articles to support benefits counselors, attorneys and advocates focused on AT funding (through Medicaid, Medicare, special education, vocational rehabilitation, ABLE accounts). Trained nationally on all topics. Disability policy consultant since 2019.


Tina Skeel (03/20)
Member At Large | Treasurer

Project Director

Indiana Works Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Project | Aspire Indiana Health, Inc.
2020 Brown Street
Anderson, IN 46016
phone: 765-635-1697

Tina Skeel, the Director of Indiana Works, the northern and central Work Incentive Planning and Assistance Project through Social Security administered by Aspire Indiana Health, Inc.. Tina is active at the local, state, and national levels in promoting employment. As part of the National Association of Benefits and Work Incentives Specialist (NABWIS), she has been active on the conference committee and acts as the board treasurer.

Tina has devoted the last 30 years of her life promoting employment opportunities and providing benefits counseling for persons with barriers to employment. Tina brings with her direct line service (job coach, case manager, program manager), research and public policy development. She has also provided private consulting and training throughout the United States and Canada. She is the co-authored various publications including “Moving Ahead without Fear”, a benefits guide to returning to work and “Hoosier Handbook on Employment for People with Mental Illness” a guide to assist new staff in supporting individuals in employment.


Pablo Puente (03/17)
Region IV - Atlanta

Service Source, WIPA Project Director
North Carolina Regional Office

600 Ames Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
phone: 919-785-6631

Pablo has been working with people with disabilities for the last 15 years in many capacities, including training, employment, benefits counseling, and financial education. Pablo has provided bilingual benefits counseling services for clients in the state of Florida and North Carolina, under state and federal funded programs. Currently, he directs and manages the Social Security WIPA project in the eastern part of North Carolina for ServiceSource. Pablo also provides bilingual disability consulting work in the areas of benefits counseling, and financial education. He holds a CWIC certification from Virginia Commonwealth University, a CWDP certification from the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, and recently, he completed his MBA at Western Governors University.


Aleyda Toruno (03/17)
Region X – Seattle

Project Director/Community Work Incentives Coordinator
Disability Rights California

1111 6th Ave. Suite 200l
San Diego, CA. 92101
phone: (619) 814-8511

Aleyda has been advocating for the rights of people with disabilities for nearly 20 years. She has represented clients at mediations or hearings involving Social Security work rules, Department of Rehabilitation services, special education, California Regional Center services, Medi-Cal, and In-Home Supportive Services. She is a Certified Community Work Incentives Coordinator and the Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Project Director at Disability Rights California. She joined the NABWIS board in 2019.


Sheila Stoeckel (3/21)
Region VII

Senior Extension Faculty

315 West M Street
Forest City, Iowa 50436
phone: 641-422-1524 ext. 44500
cell: 641-425-2215

Sheila Stoeckel currently works with Iowa Workforce Development as a Workforce Advisor/ Business Services Team. In the past she was the Coordinator for the state’s Work Incentive Planning and Assistance (WIPA) project. Sheila has 19 years of experience as a Benefit Planner and 38 years of administrative and direct care service experience working with individuals with a variety of disabilities and mental health issues. She has a Bachelors Degree in Human Services and Psychology from Buena Vista University. Sheila has a Master’s Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling from Drake University and credentialed as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). She has also received in-depth and on-going training on Social Security rules, work incentives, Medicaid for Employed People with Disabilities (MEPD), and other state and local supports.


Jennifer Kimble (3/20)
Region I - Boston

Maine Medical Center
Department of Vocational Services

22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102
phone: 614-370-4034

Bio Coming Soon.

Jennifer Kimble, NABWIS Board Member
Anne Rea (3/22)
Region III - Philadelphia | Secretary

Waystation, Inc.

PO Box 3826
Frederick, MD 21705-3826
phone: 301-662-0099 ext 1290

Bio Coming Soon.

Anne Rea, NABWIS Board Member
Stephanie Drum (3-21)
Region V - Chicago

Employment Resources, Inc.

2701 International Lane, Suite 210
Madison, WI 53704
phone: 608-906-2711

Stephanie Drum has worked for Employment Resources, Inc. (ERI) in Wisconsin since 2006 as a benefits specialist. She currently serves as the agency's benefits specialist manager and is also a lead trainer for the Wisconsin Disability Benefits Network (WDBN). The WDBN provides initial and ongoing training to Wisconsin's benefits specialists. She is a Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor (CPWIC) providing benefits counseling services to individuals working with Vocational Rehabilitation. Stephanie graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Stephanie Drum, NABWIS Board Member
Laurie Truesdell (3/21)
Region VI – Dallas

1424 Hemphill Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
phone: 972-400-1973

For over 19 years, Laurie Truesdell has been an advocate promoting opportunities that advance the independence of individuals with disabilities. Previously, she worked for REACH of Dallas providing outreach, advocacy, and ADA assistance to consumers. She currently works with Easter Seal North Texas as Senior Community Work Incentives Coordinator. For 12 years, she has provided assistance to Social Security Disability Beneficiaries on how using Work Incentives can enhance self-sufficiency. She has provided seminars to organizations on various Social Security Disability Work Incentives. Laurie’s passion throughout her career has been to educate the community about disability issues and to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in community life. Laurie received her Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Texas A and M University-Commerce. Laurie has been featured on WFAA news sharing her positive perspective on being a person living with a disability.

Tanya Chiles, NABWIS Board Member
Jolene Wyler (3/20)
Region VIII – Denver

Program Director
Utah Work Incentive Planning Services

1595 West 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84104
phone: 801-887-9393

Bio Coming Soon.

Jolene Wyler, NABWIS Board Member